Friday, January 6, 2012

I am strong

Reading the account of women being tortured in the melee of the Somalian famine, chaos, and war, I was moved too strongly to not vent my anger and sadness at their desperate situation. This is what I write for them

I am strong
Even when a random snapshot
Flashes a memory flood

I am strong
Even when the throat lumps up
At the thought of a wrong done

I am strong
Even when I want to cry out loud
But a silent voice escapes

Only the strong can survive
The nightmare of a nightmare
I am strong because
I do it even in the day.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

In a better place

The modernity of life amazes me a lot
I remember the words, think of what you need and want not
Childhood was simple, no denying it
Strutting in shreds that grandma would creatively sprout

Nostalgia is attractive, such a delightful escape
From the life of today, my nerves with drudgery grate
I take a step back and look around in strong belief
Who am I kidding, my world couldn't be a better place to live

The simplicity of modern life
May seem to many a crippling complexity
Yet my faith buzzes with optimism that
These frailties have made human life much easier to be !

On a mission away from the comfort I know
Away from family, friends, in an isolated burrough
Yet connected I am, each minute if I choose to
Freedom I have, as not known before

Free to choose what I want to do
And how to live my life, to worship or not
Free to choose my partner, my livelihood
Even free to let life silently pass by

Yes, I know this fortune
Is only available to a chosen few
More imperative then, wouldn't you think
To acknowledge it is an ideal nearly come true

Saturday, March 19, 2011

See this

Oh yes, I want to direct some attention to my other blog, and absolutely want some feeback there.

Monday, January 31, 2011

An ode to thee

Frigid cold was yesterday
The wind on my face
The steel on the knobs
Hands and feet all sore
The wedding ring stinging white gold

He searched for life
And found a face botoxed
In cold, weary, worry
Expressions of delight I lacked
Stranger was the warm hug that slacked

He stared at me in silence
Knowing I know his question
Caressing that strand off my brow
Wiping away that cold unwelcoming tear
Holding me when I was too afraid to answer my own fears

What else can I do but stand up
When inspiration looks at me in my face
The warmth of love searing
Without burning my hopes in flame
Oh! Love is such a loopy game

This sunny morning
I sit in my chair at my desk
Thinking of my husband
When a wish to succeed surges in me
I halt only to pen an ode to thee.

And then I smile
It's coming back to me
All falling in the loop I own
My pen, my thoughts, my drive
You complete what I call my life.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Under the rubble

Dark heavy clouds
Surround me up close
Thunderous steps
Bellowing applause

My heart beats faster
Thrill palpable
Lungs choke on my throat
Chest under rubble

What was it, an earthquake
a landslide, a wall
That fell on my vision
Smile, and my pride tall

Will I ever get out
Will there be a lending hand
Can I ever push away these rocks
Ever seen the coloured band

Sunday, May 16, 2010

through the ages

I was seven
When I dreamt of this place
Far from my reality
Entrenched in future faze

A helping hand
Radiant smile glowing face
Hope served on breakfast platter
To ill, weary, sick and lifeless

I was seventeen then
When I dreamt of this space
Of fragrant roses and bright bougainvillea
Adorning the soft grass in my front gaze

Romance, a man of thinking and integrity
Toothless smiles in cherubic faces filling my days
Inane endless tell me whys
Retrieving my father's answers to my quests

I am to be twenty seven now
Living that dream but just a trace
A bit lost in the wilderness I find myself to be
Second thoughts, revisions, in a daze

And then I realize I have them all
My education, an honorable man, a loving family, designed my way
Cruising pleasantly with a dream distinct
Reality and aspirations will merge, I have determined

Monday, May 3, 2010

no moon day

sparks fly
tiny stars
eye lights
glimmer afar

sinking heart
affect incongruent
liar epitaph

give me rhythm
give me space
give me music
to save myself from disgrace

storm inside
i cannot feel
know not see not
what's right for me

crystals fall
a plea to stay
to strive righteous
rewrite the play.