Saturday, June 11, 2011

In a better place

The modernity of life amazes me a lot
I remember the words, think of what you need and want not
Childhood was simple, no denying it
Strutting in shreds that grandma would creatively sprout

Nostalgia is attractive, such a delightful escape
From the life of today, my nerves with drudgery grate
I take a step back and look around in strong belief
Who am I kidding, my world couldn't be a better place to live

The simplicity of modern life
May seem to many a crippling complexity
Yet my faith buzzes with optimism that
These frailties have made human life much easier to be !

On a mission away from the comfort I know
Away from family, friends, in an isolated burrough
Yet connected I am, each minute if I choose to
Freedom I have, as not known before

Free to choose what I want to do
And how to live my life, to worship or not
Free to choose my partner, my livelihood
Even free to let life silently pass by

Yes, I know this fortune
Is only available to a chosen few
More imperative then, wouldn't you think
To acknowledge it is an ideal nearly come true