Sunday, May 16, 2010

through the ages

I was seven
When I dreamt of this place
Far from my reality
Entrenched in future faze

A helping hand
Radiant smile glowing face
Hope served on breakfast platter
To ill, weary, sick and lifeless

I was seventeen then
When I dreamt of this space
Of fragrant roses and bright bougainvillea
Adorning the soft grass in my front gaze

Romance, a man of thinking and integrity
Toothless smiles in cherubic faces filling my days
Inane endless tell me whys
Retrieving my father's answers to my quests

I am to be twenty seven now
Living that dream but just a trace
A bit lost in the wilderness I find myself to be
Second thoughts, revisions, in a daze

And then I realize I have them all
My education, an honorable man, a loving family, designed my way
Cruising pleasantly with a dream distinct
Reality and aspirations will merge, I have determined

Monday, May 3, 2010

no moon day

sparks fly
tiny stars
eye lights
glimmer afar

sinking heart
affect incongruent
liar epitaph

give me rhythm
give me space
give me music
to save myself from disgrace

storm inside
i cannot feel
know not see not
what's right for me

crystals fall
a plea to stay
to strive righteous
rewrite the play.