Friday, September 11, 2009


Delirious with joy am I
Eyes brimming with tears
Oscillating wildly between extremes
Emotional pendulum, I cry

Coldplay cooing a trance
I lift my hands wide in the air to the chorus
Rain drops falling large and fast
Wiping the sweat and wrinkles from my face

Levitating I am in tragicomedy
Who might it be elevating my status
A thousand faces I can fix on those strong shoulders
Bow to thee all, in utter humility

The interplay of laughter and tears
Antonymic in their act
Thanks to you, I survive
The roller coaster we ride together

Come back NOW.

The temptation to call
A peek into my inbox
Has there been a shred of evidence
That we're being remembered this Fall?

Shunt you out, I haven't
Blasphemous a call
Yo-yo goes the plea
For a distance unpleasant

Come back old times
For fun, frolic and smiles
Unbridled with distraught
Bring back the sunshine.