Friday, October 3, 2008


She stood by the door, waiting for a friend
Twiddling her thumbs, pacing end to end
Smiling to herself and then breaking into a frown
Looking into the faraway and then staring at the marble down

Seemed like she was nervous, anxiously excited
As if in the next few minutes, would be her future decided
She looked at her watch, her cell phone, the clock
Then slumped into a chair, like a ship pulling into the dock

She stood up suddenly, put her hands in her pocket
The time of reckoning had come, the time of docket
She took a sharp breath and another long and deep
Knocked at the dark brown oak door and took a peep

I wondered what news it would be, good or bad
I certainly liked her, wished it wouldn’t be sad
I was waiting for the bus, it was cold and dark outside
It was past half an hour, when the door creaked aside

They came out kissing, hands intertwined
I saw the ring and gladly resigned
I was happy for her, the glow on her face was bright
The darkness outside lessened because of her light

What is it about happiness that makes light out of dark
Doesn’t joy and enthusiasm make you want to sing like the lark
It’s so amazing how time can tell a story
One moment of tragedy and then a blaze of glory

I‘ve dived into that uncertain happiness, I’ve swam in it before
Until yesterday, when disappointment washed me ashore
Someday venture again into the unknown, I’ll dare
But for now, I’ll just build my castles in the air

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