Thursday, June 25, 2009

Six Months

I'd told myself that I am not going to keep this count going. But I can't help it. Honestly, this makes me feel better.

Today, I only remember odd quirky things about Appa. Yet, I am so choked with emotion that I can't bring myself to smile. But I am going to allow myself this effusion. I think I must go through these motions of grief... if I truly intend to move on.

Move on, I must.

... and it is getting an iota easier with the passage of time. I'll be happy with that.

Miss you lots Pa.
I'll especially miss the huge b'day signed "With Love, Dad the Great", the lovely bouquet and the black forest (with the biscuit base) that came every year.

I miss our daddy-daughter dates. (though we last had one 5 yrs ago).

Thanks for everything.


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