Sunday, May 16, 2010

through the ages

I was seven
When I dreamt of this place
Far from my reality
Entrenched in future faze

A helping hand
Radiant smile glowing face
Hope served on breakfast platter
To ill, weary, sick and lifeless

I was seventeen then
When I dreamt of this space
Of fragrant roses and bright bougainvillea
Adorning the soft grass in my front gaze

Romance, a man of thinking and integrity
Toothless smiles in cherubic faces filling my days
Inane endless tell me whys
Retrieving my father's answers to my quests

I am to be twenty seven now
Living that dream but just a trace
A bit lost in the wilderness I find myself to be
Second thoughts, revisions, in a daze

And then I realize I have them all
My education, an honorable man, a loving family, designed my way
Cruising pleasantly with a dream distinct
Reality and aspirations will merge, I have determined


Varsha said...

Ok, I don't mean to sound contrived but trust me, very rarely do I understand and appreciate poetry and I love this. Easy, clear and I can also relate to it! That's added bonus!

Cobras7 said...

Great poem! I can't imagine being able to write something like this and not to mention feel the emotion behind it! You really have a talent for it...keep writing!