Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Vulture and her Angels

The skies are grey, mist falling from the cloud

People waiting at the bus stop making it a crowd

Atop the fire temple, vultures waited for their prey

And across the city, in a church, the devout came to pray

But who knew that there were vultures waiting at the bus stop

And who were just waiting for their luck to come out on tops

There stood she, silently, misty eyed in the fog

Hoping that the bus ride wouldn’t be people-clogged

They were watching her, and she could feel the heat of their gaze

As hot as it was the scorching sun ablaze

She tried to ignore the stare

And returned it with an icy cold glare

She sat in her seat and one of them sat next to her

The other seated right behind her

The warm glow emanating from their faces

But she was thinking of bigotry of races

The journey seemed long drawn

It seemed like her destination wouldn’t come before dawn

She shuffled in her seat, they remained unmoved

Because they knew he was there, ready to make his move

The girl with the small eyes and jet black hair

Began to feel a bit of scare

Though what she did not realize

That they were her guardian angels, kind and wise

The vulture sat at a distance hoping

The two black men would soon be leaving.

He saw a scornful look staring him in the eye

Telling him that it was time for a goodbye

Their look pierced the vulture

Their warmth made cozy the girl of another culture

That there was hope began to dawn on her

From the clutches she would be free forever

At the last stop she got up

The black men followed her

The vulture was paralyzed

That the men were her angels, he realized

In a trot she began to move

But suddenly she no longer feared fear

Finally the truth dawned on her

But they had disappeared into the thin air.

1 comment:

Abinav Kumar said...

And oftentimes the Guardians pass away without us knowing it! They do their jobs alright, and we are left to thanking God...

Nice piece!