Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Words for my song

I sat down to write the words
of the song I wrote
I have created a melody
that I think is lilting
from the strains of the soulful iktara
A single stringed instrument
That creates a holy aura
in the air around it.
That has its listeners swaying
and losing themselves in its mystic

I tried to put down words
It's a puzzle of words
that I am trying to put straight
Maybe they are an anagram
From where I'll get the
actual lyrics for the tune that
I've been humming and strumming
and playing in my heart and mind
All day, all night,
For the last one week.

And then, I was possessed by
a thought that grew louder
than the conductor's orchestrated tune
Does my song need words
to truly describe its beauty
to convey its meaning
Sometimes, don't our wordless expressions
speak louder than a collection of alphabets
Sometimes, doesn't the silence at the other end of the phone
convey everything that the voice doesn't?

Do you know how it is
to be possessed by something
so strong and powerful
That rules your daily routine
that is louder than your thoughts
Have you ever had
your own song, loud and clear
in your mind,
that takes up more space than
the incessant rush of your thoughts.

It feels like I will drown in the
high notes of my song
and will be washed away ashore
by the low tides of this melody
The waves of the octave will
take me on the most beautiful
journey ever
Maybe I should stop looking for words
and just float in the pristine beauty of an unworded, shrill
music of my life.


Abinav Kumar said...

Words are used to convey thoughts to 'others'!

Anyway, have you taken formal lessons in singing and/ or any instrument?

Harini said...

yeah... i learnt carnatic music for a few years and hindustani classical for a couple of years. :) im glad u liked my attempts...