Friday, June 27, 2008

Aap ki Kashish - Carnaticized

I have a song I associate with every person I am close to. Usually it has been playing in the background during memorable time we've shared - either loudly or just in my mind or my memory.

I never imagined that I would be inspired by Himmesh Reshammiya.... never! But I think my close friend Meera and I were in an outrageously humorous mood on that day. We were laughing all day and all the way from college to the station.

And that's when we struck on the idea - and broke into peals of laughter again at the very suggestion. We must have really looked like fools or some manic patients escaped from Ward 19 of KEM Hospital.

For we were showing off our training in Carnatic music. Verbally, vocally. We realized that Himmesh had basically aped our Carnatic musical legacy while crroooooooonnnnnninnnng Aap ki Kashish.

Think about it, hum it... actually sing along with us -

A-aa-p / k-i-ii / ka-a-shi-sh

Sa-ar-fa-ro-oo-sh / ha-i

A-aa-p / ka-aa / na-sha-aa-aa

Yu-un / ma-ad-dh-ho-sh / ha-i-i

Ky-a-a / ka-he-in / tum-m-se / ja-aa-aa-ne-ja-aa-aa

Gu-m / hu-a / ho-o-o-o-sh / ha-i-i

Ho-o-o-o-sh / ha-i-i-i-i-i

Gu-m / hu-a / ho-o-o-o-sh / ha-i-i


Abinav Kumar said...

Oh man - Bharath, Uttam and I used to run a riot in the trains back from Agarwals!

Oh! For the times bygone!

Ramya said...
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Ramya said...

Given that you have been a Himmesh Reshammiya fan for over 10 years, starting with the tele-serial Andaz on Zee TV, I am surprised you haven't mentioned your other fav songs by him.

And when are you going to blog about your other fav people- maybe Anu Malik to start with!!!

Harini said...

I didn't even remember the name of that serial - until you mentioned it :P

So it seems like Himesh has struck a chord with you!

But you have to give it to Himesh for being 'multi-faceted'. Apparently, he's decided to compose music only for movies starring him - so either we're going hear less of him or see more of him!

Anu will come soon. Was thinking of Bappi too :D

meera said...

LOL!!!!! This certainly belongs to the hall of fame of our mad moments. I remember it so vividly, we were discussing how our Pattis would carnaticize every song and we belted out this Himesh classic effortlessly, kept improving with every version, leaving Poorti exasperated and literally gasping for breath and some fresh air to resuscitate her from this melody aka malady!