Saturday, June 21, 2008


Is there any way to use a different template other than the ones offered by this blogspot? My sister is really keen on having hers changed and neither of us has a clue of how to go about it.

Abinav - since I know you visit this blog regularly and since you have some neat templates yourself, you can presume that this query is directed to you. :P

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Abinav Kumar said...

He he! You could choose from a variety of default templates which 'blogspot' offers. Go to Dashboard, and click on 'Layout' for your blog. Under layout you will have a 'Pick new templates' link. So, there you go! [:)]

The header you see in my blogs are images which I made and uploaded - could add those to any template. Further if you knew a bit of HTML coding - it would help. I have done minimalist coding to get the links on top in Just Talk!

Anyway. If you do need any 'assistance' I could be of some use you know! [:)]

And yeah - Thanks a lot for the Acknowledgment!