Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy B'day Haru!

Yay! Another birthday. Another day of celebrating my existence. Another day of re-iteration of how many friends surround me. Another day of my family closing-in around me with warm hugs and kisses.

This year was slightly different. I couldn't stay awake till 12 - but my sis woke my up anyway. Mom and dad let me sleep for as long as I wanted to. I cooked - dahiwale aloo and theplas. There was no college. Only very few of my friends are here in the same city and even they're busy working hard. So there were the phone calls, but I missed the reverie! No flowers this year, but there were e-cards and a lovely chocolate cake sent by my close friends Namrata and Anita in connivance. (They're still arguing as to whose idea it was originally). I bought my dress on my b'day - okay, admittedly I bought a couple of them. And we closed the day with the traditional family dinner.

I miss the cacophony of being with friends on my b'day. But at 25, I guess, we're no longer kids anymore. Everyone's gone their separate ways. And b'days are going to be low-key from now on.
I am 25. I have most likely completed a quarter of my life. Wow! I wish I could believe it...

Happy Birthday to Me.


Abinav Kumar said...

He he! Happy birthday to you!

Ramya said...

now that you have complete 25 years and are in your 26th year, you are on the wrong side of the 20's!!

Harini said...

@ Ramya

The milestone happens to be 30. Not 25. That's the milestone for the New Age Girl.

Of course, you're too ancient to be aware of it.