Friday, January 16, 2009

a heavy heart

I feel it physically. I just feel like tearing my chest and pulling the lump stuck in my heart. It is very heavy, presses on my lungs and causes a lump in my throat. The pain that this ailment causes makes me want to cry... The root cause and the sole remedy of my complaint would be this man who is responsible for bringing me into this wonderful world. A man who loved me to bits and then even more. A man who lifted my spirits each time they sagged. A man who I will now meet only after I leave the world.

I wish I could give him one tight hug. That's all I crave for. Appa, I miss you badly. I want you to know it. I've seen tough times, this one is the worst for me...

Stay with me in spirit, pa. I need you to be with me through this.

Love you pa,

P.S. Everyone around is so sad because you left. Everyone. You won't believe it. But everyone misses you. You were really special. 

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