Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dear Daddy

I call home in the expectation
That you will answer the phone
And I can tease you 
To let me talk to mom

I come on the webcam in the hope
That you will call out to your baby
But now Amma struggles with the cam
sigh! ... that has become the norm

Where did you disappear? ... leaving us in the lurch
We're left with memories, failures that besmirch
What more could we have done?... we can't get over the question
No answer, no voice, just an uncomfortable silence

We speak of you each day, think of you all the way
The feeling hasn't sunk in yet, that you've traveled beyond the horizon
Unreachable, unseeable,... are you now
Mom stays upset, Ramya suppresses her tears, I live in denial

Appa, we love you and we're aware of it now, more than ever
I remember the wise man saying, love others as if, tomorrow will come never
I tried, I faltered, I nearly failed
But I hope you know that our love for you, did and will forever prevail

We hope you're smiling in happiness and joy
At the reunion with your loved ones, sailing in a buoy
I imagine you, to be, an angel high above
The angel of strength, will power and of unconditional love

We love you very much pa; and we hope you're really at peace wherever you are.
Haru, Rammu and Leela. 

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