Thursday, March 5, 2009

Adventures of the Haripa girls - 1

While walking towards Taste of China one cold dull snowy afternoon and chattering away to glory, the haripa couple spotted this thin, gaunt, eh actually cachexic looking African-American girl with signs of malnutrition screaming aloud. RipuChuckling, suddenly becoming conscious of her med-school past, mentioned in passing:

R.C.: "Arre, poor girl yaar. She's so malnourished. Upar se itni heavily pregnant bhi!"

Hari P. Sadu can never multi-task when she's walking and especially when there is food around the corner. 

H.P: "Kahan, kaun?, Ohh really that girl is pregnant, I didn't notice?" In Sadu's defense, the girl was facing the other way and Sadu was also looking at the Burger King logo.

R.C.: "Nahin shayad she is not pregnant, may be it's only ascites. Malnourished mein hota hai na?"

H.P.: "Yeah, ascites hi hoga. Peeke talli hui hogi"

R.C. (interrupts): "Cirrhosis... Ascites"

R.C. & H.P. are waiting for the signal to cross the narrow alley like path between school and B.G. Ms. Cachexia is waiting to cross Monument St. 

H.P. suddenly goes quiet. Intense observation and scrutiny. More like a lull before the storm.

H.P.: "Ayyyyy! Woh kuch pregnant-wegnant ya ascitic nahin hai... She's carrying a big bag under her coat!"

R.C. squints her eyes in close observation... and spots the big blue bag (as big as H.P.'s bori-bistar) under the girl's coat.

And the goofy couple smile brightly and widely, thank the supernaturals for sparing Ms. Cachexia a terrible illness and walk with a sheepish grin towards T.o.C.


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Ramya said...

1. Harini,.... tera kya hoga!!
2. Why on earth would you even look at a Burger King???? Healthy food nahi milta kya?