Sunday, March 22, 2009


The sand feels soft 
Yet it isn't doughy enough to stay in my palm
Trickling away like the seconds of time
Painfully reminding me that nothing is here to stay

I lost you and yet I live
I don't just exist, I lead a whole life
Filled with hope, expectations, ambition and love
The pang appears suddenly and pierces like a pointed arrow.

I am jolted out of my dreamed up reality
Surreal is what true reality seems
Where do the two merge and where do they separate
The sounds of the waves crashing seem to echo my cry

I can remember the lines on your face clearly
The harsh feel of your stubble, the warmth in your eyes
Yet sometimes I wake up trying to feel you, 
Trying hard to remember the face that was once oh-so-familiar

It hurts that you've left without a word
Just took an unreturned goodbye kiss from me
You've moved on to greener pastures and so have I
Yet you're sorely missed, every moment, every day... all the way.

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