Friday, July 17, 2009

miss you, my dear friend.

hey dear friend, wassup with you
we're sitting together, yet it all seems anew
seems like moments ago i walked into your life
even a week ago we laughed with delirious pride

feel taken for granted, it really sucks
to think of what came between us
suddenly i find myself waiting in the line
twiddling my fingers hoping you'll find the time

you would walk into my door, held ajar for you
i gave you the liberty, yet i find myself eschewed
was i just a replacement for a love gone by
not even that, maybe just a substandard alibi

i've noticed you talk to me, but your eyes digress
im not edgy, yet the surrender is amiss
i can't deny, i've feared this time
thought i was prepared, but the insecurity can't be denied

suddenly it seems im out of your league
i throw pebbles in water, won't the anxiety recede?
since when did you forget our code decodes
your signals are more noise, expressions a cloak

come back to me, i can't even say
cos you're still with me everyday
but i am not the person you'd rather inform
and though it hurts, i understand it's your call

1 comment:

shrutib said...

:) lovely! <3.. can actually relate to it!