Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sitting by the window I stared into the river
Wondrous and amazed by nature's bravado
Spanning insurmountable and ferocious terrains
that lead to serene and felicitous plains

Suddenly I saw myself sitting by the window
It wasn't a reflection or a picture
I was looking at the scene from behind my back
As if that girl were someone I knew from before

I looked at myself intently,
As if this were my own creation
I understood that person wholly yet
I chided and rebuked to her running to perdition

I commended her on her altruism
And pointed out where she could improve
I crushed her shoulder warmly
Hugged her from the back and cruised

A shiver ran down my spine
Did I just travel between surreal and reality
Is this body mine leased to another's soul
Who am I really, i trotted on introspection

Should I be fearful of myself
Should I take a walk down introspection
Was this an over analysis, a hallucination
Maybe I just lull myself into the realms of sleep.

1 comment:

Ramya said...

This kind of thing happens to me all the time....