Saturday, August 22, 2009

vishnu sahasranamam

Anger is tiring. That's my latest realization in life. It's such a build up of unnecessary wasteful energy - if retained, I lose myself to a foul mood; if vented, I spew harsh regrettable words. These days, Vishnu Sahasranamam has been my panacea for calming the bullish rage in me, and yes it works! Writing has been the other effective creative channel I have adopted and patronized - and yes, this works perfectly too!

I've never been overtly religious, but I would definitely call myself spiritual. I explain the difference in describing the form as a disciplined yet ritualistic way of life and spirituality as my own personal connection with a higher form of energy we commonly refer to as God. This being defined, the shloka mentioned is extremely soothing to my frayed nerves. Reciting it or just listening to MSS's version radiates positive warm vibes and in a matter of minutes, I am a different person. I have been practising listening and reciting the Sahasranamam everyday for the past 9-10 months now and it has only helped me tremendously. I often ponder over what could be embedded in these shlokas that has such a powerful effect on me. Is it the words, the tune or the rhythm of the breath when we recite it? The mystic surrounding this befuddles me all the time and yet I am happy to enter the realm of confusion everyday.

Anger, sadness, disappointment are all washed away. The unwanted energy dissipated, and suddenly I experience a suffusion of fresh thoughts, ideas and creative energy. Suddenly, life seems so much more manageable than it was 30.20 mins ago. I also listen to the Suprabhatam in the morning - one of my favorite activities of the day. And the more I listen to them, the more I am inclined to believe that we're all just interacting forces of energy. I'll explain this metaphysical idea another day. But for now, I just feel humbled by the thought that I am actually just a miniscule mass of energy in the play of the universe.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti-hi.


Abinav Kumar said...

I am not a fan of religion, yet not as far away as I would like to be. You know our clan. But I accord due respect to those who are.

Spirituality - well, that finds a stronger nod of approval from me. And if religion is your source, and if you can understand that, good for you.

But when will people understand that religion is but a name, attached to communities as we have names for people. And that spirituality is something that comes from within and not solely through religious acts... continues to baffle me.

Write more on this!

Anonymous said...

I have intuitively felt to read Vishnu sahasranama.Start listening to MS and SPB both .I am feeling calmness in my mind.This was happening to me for the past one and half month.

Logically I didn't have an answer why?.I was just exploring to figure out the reasons behind this shloka.I have seen your blog.
It is really very interesting to read your blog.

Finally, you have a very powerful language.I wishing you all the best to get what you have been wishing for.


Harini said...

@Abi: My take on religion - it is nothing but a way of enforcing discipline and inculcating the feeling of gratitude. We are supposed to wake up in the morning and pray - but that is just a way of getting us to shed our laziness and start an early day. Even a temple is not as much about praying to God as it is about imbibing a spirit of belonging with our neighbors and city dwellers. As you allude, religion is about communal living. (Pun unintended). Spirituality, on the other hand, is self-discovery. If they say God is in all of us, it really means that we are our own inspiration. We just need to look into ourselves, and talk to ourselves to find our answers. And some, like me, prefer to do it in third person - so I talk to the God inside me.
It is a fine line, and maybe a contrived concept. If humanity would be a religion, I would be the first to convert. Till then I find solace in my spiritual journey and any accompaniment that eases the travails.

Harini said...

@Raja: Thank you for your comments. I wish you luck in your spiritual search too.

Abinav Kumar said...

Well, what makes you think humanity is not a religion? Because it has no temples and bounded books with guiding principles?

Again, I have nothing against religion at all. Just that it is, or at least the way it is perceived is, too narrow in its outlook.

Ever wondered how there is no school that 'teaches' humanity!?!

Hari said...

It is (and has been) a panacea to all kinds of stress in the world. No need to go after costly medicines or stress reduction courses. Just keep reciting VSN keeping in mind the meanings of the namas (to the extent possible). Also reciting it this way in the early morning Brahma muhurta (3am - 6am) can quickly transform your life for the better.

jyothi l said...

The vishnu sahasranamam ,1008 names of lord vishnu. I personally experienced the greatness behind these namas. they are very powerful.

Avnish said...

Avnish Jayprakash Dubey

It is very powerful and effective, i had very hard time for few reasons, i started chanting Shree Vishnu Shastranaam and i did only for week with full faith and got all problems solved easily whuch were not easy for me..i suggest you to do the same and experience the same..i don't have words to explain..

Thank God..Jay Shree Vishnu..

Aditya Hridayam said...

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