Tuesday, April 7, 2009

For Anita and Meera

You call to tell me that I make your day
I am stunned as that was just what I was about to say
That you are the object of my affection
And a driving force behind my sanity and passion

I miss the craziness of our times together
Memories flood me of sheer madness and gregarious laughter
I am not alone, never in solitude
Cos I can feel your presence in my courage and attitude

I cannot thank you enough for your gift
Of generosity and love without an iota of thrift
Because of you, I stand with a smile today
In the same place where I shed a tear everyday

I stand strong with my head firmly on my shoulders
I do not feel scared or abandoned anymore
Your words have given me the confidence that hence forth
I can be replace my dad as my strength and force

You might be with me only as an abstract construct
But the validity of your influence on me is absolutely perfect
Gratitude overwhelms me and makes me say this
I really hope I never let you down and give you a miss...


Meera said...

I am overwhelmed.

Anita Jain said...

I was overwhelmed too...please don't be so nice and kind!!! This became similar to the video you guys made for me...I am embarassed to read it again. It made me feel extra-good...more than I deserve.

I had felt really bad on the airport as I was clueless how to behave or what to say...because I have always looked to you for advise(and will continue to)...you have no right in this life of yours to ditch me...remember that!I have the right to kill you if you do that!

But I genuinely told my friends (!!!guess who?) later that I didn't know how to comfort you because it was like a role-elevation for me...I have always been the weaker one...and you have been the one comforting me, whom I look up to.

We might change as people...we might have a decreased 'connect' over time(!!!)...but I will still come to you if I need anything...I mean it...and come what may...you can't refuse. Sorry...I thought this mail would appear soft and nice..but it actually appears threatning!

I really identified with the line "I am not alone..never in solitude......" I feel the same way with the presence of you guys. When people ask me what I value the most, I invariabliably say: My friends. You guys have made me what I am today...have given me the strength and belief in myself....I didn't even know myself and my potential until I met you guys.

I also feel the same way about the line "never let you down"...when asked in my leadership class about where I see myself at the end of life...I said in the company of my friends...and that I am most scared if I would do something that would let them down, or not be proud of me.

Increasingly, I have realized that my friends have made me...and are my greatest treasure...I would have been nothing without you all.

Angela Vincent said...

beautiful ode..more importantly, i love the emotion in your friends' responses.. :)))