Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I trudge along a desert of emotions

Try to keep pace with the wind pushing me

Halt please, I can't, I say in a pleading voice

But the gushing wind can't hear me in the whooshing noise


The desert suddenly transforms into a whirlpool

I am panting for breath, squeezed into the tiny space

Not a second to react, not a moment to think

I feel weighed down by the boulder of a heavy heart, the wish to sink


Then I hear a warm voice thundering me to gather my wits

I recognize the sounds from a really long time ago

A lady who soothed me when I threw tantrums and kicked

In the confines of a cocoon, in her cozy womb


She gave me my senses and taught me to use them sensibly

Sensitivity and sensibility is what I inherited from her

I fail her every now and then, but she eggs me on

I am with you till the end, she says, and pushes me to take the plunge


Without her, I am lost

Without her, I am a stranger to myself

She brought me to the world

And now she's introducing me to myself.

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